I am persuaded that undisciplined men of this modern age have slopped up so much imitation pudding that they now habitually forgo the better choice–mom’s matchless homemade variety (I plead guilty). I speak of course, not of food, but of all realms of life where we choose increasingly to turn from that which nourishes. We wittingly sabotage ourselves.

Let us face some facts: Our computer-saturated attention spans have adapted to the manic overload and are now ill-suited to reflect for more than a nanosecond upon the deeper matters of life. We traded a relational way of life, set to the nurturing pace of land and sky, for a remote existence where we sit in solitude and spin on the internet wheel. We overlook the more deeply-felt option of a leisurely walk with family, but squeeze the fool out of the television during football season (Again, guilty!). Last but not least, our smart phones overfeed us to the point of gluttony, but still we believe they are our best friends.

Dastardly processed foods, all! Please understand, I’m not anti-hi-tech; I object only when our devices turn us into Pavlov’s dogs. We drool over electronic bits.

If it is axiomatic that all that wars against the mind leads to hunger of the soul, then we are starving, though full to bursting. Prior to information overload, less hurried choices readily availed themselves: to read slowly from a rich book of wisdom (the Bible comes to mind), a heart-to-heart dialogue with a close friend about Jesus, or regular time alone with God to talk and listen. Ah yes, to sate with real food was a good way of life, as Jesus reminds: “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger” (John 6:35a). We still believe it. We just choose to act otherwise.

How do we, then, while under the cumulative assault of life’s empty morsels, find the time to really feast the way God intended? The old choices may seem long gone, but in fact they are all still here for the choosing. Reform is an option. We don’t have to spin.

And though it may come off as trite to say such reform begins with individuals making better choices–those that allow us to more readily hear from God–I do believe that’s the message God is giving me. Although I can’t be too sure. It’s kind of hard to make out His words what with the constant babel of electronics in the background.

Homemade pudding anyone?

I hope this encourages you to feast on real food today.

-Kevin Murray
© 09/16/2015 All rights reserved