Find Your Life’s Purpose

When one man decides to fearlessly look at where he stands in his relationship with God, he begins a grace-filled journey bringing him deep into Christ’s embrace.

A Personal Journey of Faith with Universal Lessons

Kevin Murray offers a heartfelt, introspective, and incredibly inspiring insight into his spiritual journey. Beginning as a skeptic who sought the answer to an eternal “Why?”, Kevin explored countless religions and philosophies over the course of his life. As time went on and his studies progressed, he found his answer: Christ.

The truth, after all of the searching, was simple: without God, it will never be enough.

An Inspiring Spiritual Memoir

With moving candor, Murray welcomes us into his largest life challenges alongside his greatest joys, all while steering the course toward a truer connection with Jesus Christ. Written with both lyrical beauty and intellectual insight, Encourage to Faith manages to strike a startling balance of vision rarely seen in personal memoirs.

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As you navigate difficulties and as you seek truth, Encourage to Faith will help you heal and help you grow. Are you ready to enrich your relationship with God?