Find Your Life’s Purpose

Have you been striving your whole life, but you still feel like something is missing?  


Several years ago, I found myself dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I couldn’t understand why. I was living the American dream – a beautiful wife, wonderful children, a successful career. But I always felt something was missing. Since then, I’ve spoken with so many people who feel the same way. We’ve worked, we’ve struggled, we’ve strived – but for what? And why isn’t it enough?


Here’s the truth: without God, it will never be enough.


Encourage to Faith is the account of my journey into a deeper relationship with God. It’s how I went from an aimless wanderer to a rescued and redeemed follower of Jesus, living out the true calling God has placed on my life. If you feel lost and long to hear God speak his purpose into your life, this book is for you.

What others are saying about Encourage to Faith…

“An impressive account of Kevin’s growing walk with The Lord. Having known Kevin for more than twenty-five years I have been inspired by witnessing his faith journey and would suggest that others will be, too, by reading Encourage to Faith.” – Dave Smith Retired Chairman and CEO of Euramax International, Inc.


“I laughed and cried my way through Kevin’s God story as he bared his soul and opened his heart and life up to all who read about his continuing journey into the heart of God. But more importantly he helped me see God’s beautiful heart more clearly. Proverbs 20:5 says, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.” Kevin’s soul-baring, God-seeking, gut-level honesty about life and the struggles of life drew out of me an increased longing for God and His kingdom. Maranatha.” – Len Sykes, Christian life coach.


“ … studded with practical insights and timely encouragements for fellow travelers seeking an abiding faith in Christ.” – George Yacoubian, PH.D. Retired senior teacher of Biblical Studies at The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA