If you believe in the protocol of political correctness, do not read on—I say ugly things. And if you find an overload of metaphors hitting you square in the face to be an unpleasant experience, do not read on—there are gobs of them. And if you ignore both warnings and come away peeved, well, maybe that’s a good thing.

The state of human affairs in the United States of America is, by and large, just past atrocious. We can’t blame our government. We elected those goons who governed the shirts off our backs for the past 60 years, plus. We can’t blame television. We turned it on and mindlessly imbibed. We can’t blame any part of our surroundings; the buck stops with every human heart. We don’t even get to blame the changing times—as if they just happen to blow in. The winds of change, the saying goes. We get to blame ourselves. We made our choices. We allowed the faithless to blur the lines of morality and then force-feed it to our kids through schools, televisions, courts, and whatever other mechanisms of brainwashing transport came to their calculating minds. And this all happened under the noses of several generations lived in complacent diversion.

We—the several generations of us—who have floated along like a mass of clumping jetsam in a sea of the subjective standards of anti-God men, unhappy with the outcome but unwilling to consistently leave our comfort to change it. An erasure here, a scribble there, and before we could recover, there we stood, backed into a small corner of a large nation, fool’s cap on head. This, while the real fools filled the more visible places with a free-for-all against God. The silent majority, they call us—for too long, cowed into our far corner, waiting. Waiting for what? 

(What a dreary first half to a commentary. Let us finish with a spirit of enthusiasm.)

Waiting for victory. That’s what. We. Will. Win! Though our backs are to the wall, notice we are still there—rather, here—alive and kicking. And God is not done with us yet either, don’t you know? Since 1776, the fate of our nation has been in His hands. (Well, since the beginning of time actually, but you get the point.) And, since that handy fact hasn’t changed, I feel good about our chances moving forward, don’t you? Because, as always, we have the nuclear option—spiritually speaking—of praying to God and choosing to follow what we hear in return, and then, of getting out of this blasted corner by way of faith in our great God and the God-given authority on which we stand. It’s high time. “We are ambassadors for Christ” (2 Cor 5:20), here in this great nation to “proclaim the excellencies of Him who called [us] out of the darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Pet 2:9). By George! (Washington, that is) I do proclaim those! As well as this: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…one nation under God…” 

Yesterday’s predicament is our mistake, we admit—standing back in the far corner, feigning distraction to avoid our mission; that mission being, speaking up for what we believe in our hearts to be true. But today, not some tomorrow, has come the time to speak up, through word and deed, as free men should, as Christians who abide in Christ should: resolutely speaking truth in love; living out our faith to the four corners of our land; sticking to our guns, metaphorically and otherwise; opening our Bibles; trusting that God is in control of both process and outcome; and speaking up, all the while, to everyone within earshot who has the guts to listen and follow after truth too. It’s time to take this country back to the heights where it belongs. One nation under God, indeed.

A loudmouthed portion within our country may have pledged allegiance to themselves and thereby to this nation’s demise. But we haven’t. For we know that as long as one patriot lives, so does the Constitution, still undergirded by its original intent and by the God it stands for. And if the voluble minority doesn’t go for that, let them stay fools. Let these faithless pretenders pretend the moral winds shift in response to their push for a society absent the God who provided the moral code of this country to start. Let the stupids—there, I said it—think they have erased that code for good, and beat their chests in premature victory; while, we, the faithful, take back or country’s soul by the promises and power of God. 

The time has come for the family of Christ to ask Him for a revival of good men and beloved country. The time has come to watch the great unfolding consequence when the faithless brace for the reality that the next winds of change will be the Spirit of God’s morality bringing the faithless to their knees where they belong: “’As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God”’ (Rom 14:11).

I repeat: We will win. But it is time to get a move on… without further delay.

I hope this encourages you to speak up for God and country today.

Kevin Murray

© 2020 All rights reserved