No country is lastingly great apart from the will of God. Once, and for a good while, our country was great. For a time it stood upon the durable principles that our Founding Fathers spelled out in the Constitution. They were meant to be durable anyway. They were the reasoned consequence of the moral precepts found in the Bible. Man was made to be free, and these brave men created a masterpiece to see that through. In the Bible, the Greek word for masterpiece is poiema, from where we get the word poem. It refers to a work of sublime beauty and craftsmanship. The Constitution was indeed a poem.

In the succeeding decades after our country’s founding, those appointed to protect the freedoms of the citizenry routinely capitulated to their own selfish interests and to the whims of the disgruntled. Line by line, section by section, they tore out the heart of the masterpiece and, with usurped power, authored words of immorality in its place. Only remnants of the despoiled poem remain–tattered ribbons of truth, still waving, but largely ignored.

This is not anything new. The intended meaning of the original document, designed to protect our God-given freedoms, was kicked out the door some time ago, and our future as a great nation along with it. But recently, the problem has deepened. The US of A has now developed a full-blown case of identity amnesia. Sadly, we have disconnected from our godly foundations, our freedoms are all but gone, and the authors of our uncoupling have declared, in effect, I’ll take it from here. Thus the inevitable has occurred. God with saddened heart has responded: As you wish.

But hope springs eternal. We know the battle is not lost until God says it is. And so, everyday, the voices of God’s children cry out across this nation: Please Father, no! Let there be another way. Open the hearts of the men and women of this country to realize the only reason we were ever a great nation is because of Jesus. Reclaim this nation for Him, Father. In Your Son’s precious name, we pray, amen.

Now or never. It’s our last best chance to recover our poem.

I hope this encourages you to pray for our country today.

-Kevin Murray
© 11/04/2015 All rights reserved