There is a point in time when a person with a faulty heart realizes that his only cure is to surrender to heart surgery. There is nothing left for him to do but to allow himself to be put on the operating table, and let the skilled hands of a surgeon mend his wounds. For a follower of Jesus, the process of sanctification is much the same. No matter how far we have progressed in our spiritual journey, we all have strongholds of selfishness and pride that are in desperate need of surgery.

Paradoxically, the greater our need to be up on the table, the harder we resist. Using our full arsenal of preservation, we deny, ignore, pout, scream, point at others, and if all else fails, protest our unfair circumstances–all to stake the cause for our condition outside of ourselves.

In due course, exhaustion, futility, and heavenly intervention bring us to the end of our campaign. We become aware that the problem is not some thing outside of ourselves, but rather a selfishness and pride brooding from within, and at once we see that we have no solution. Then, and only then, are we ready to surrender to the Great Physician, who rejoices in our willingness to climb onto the table and trust him to heal our broken hearts. And this my friends is The Divine Healthcare Plan.

I hope this encourages you to surrender today.

-Kevin Murray
© 08/20/2013 All rights reserved