There are six extraordinary things I want to write and pray about today. I am aware that each holds truths so beautiful that if I would take them into my heart and nurture them daily, my life would never be the same.


1. My sheep hear my voice. (Yes Jesus, I do hear You, but please quiet my soul so I can hear You better. Amen.)

2. And I know them. (You know me better than anyone does, know me better than I know myself, know all my honest traits, as well as my flaws and impure thoughts. And yet, You still love and like me at all times. For You know me both for what I am now and for what I will become. Amen.)

3. And they follow me. (I WILL follow you, Lord. There is nowhere else worth going. For many things I have tried and nothing not of You has ever been worth it. You are everything I want and everywhere I want to go. Amen.)

4. And I give them eternal life. (You promise that this mortal life is only the beginning. That my pain and suffering will be gone. That all the good and creative joys I can imagine will be a part of eternity, and that the life I live in You will be rewarded beyond measure, forever! Amen.)

5. And they will never perish. (It sounds too good to be real, but I know that it’s true. My body will perish but even then I will receive a new one. And, one day, all of me—soul, body, and spirit—will be continually sustained to enjoy the limitless creative ways you have planned for me. Amen.)

6. And no one will snatch them out of my hand. (With You, I am safe and secure, with no exceptions. Nothing can change that. My wavering feelings aren’t the issue; You’re unbreakable promises are. Nothing will harm who I am in You or take me from You ever again. I am Your sheep, through and through. Amen.)


Like I said, six extraordinary things, six life-altering truths; which, if embraced by both heart and mind, will assuredly induce the most life-altering peace one could ever hope for.

They can be found in John 10:27-28.

I hope this encourages you to meditate on these beautiful verses today. 

Kevin Murray

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