I was talking to a friend the other day about the state of affairs in this world; specifically, the events you hear about that cause you to shake your head and wonder, How can the world survive this?

For emphasis, I added: “It’s not a good thing. That’s for sure. But I don’t worry about the end, ’cause of Who I’m gonna be with.” Those last words took me by surprise. In the past, my words would have been along the lines of: “’cause of where I’ll be,” meaning Heaven, of course.

Centuries ago, Spanish author Miguel Molinos wrote, “Sigh for Him alone, desire nothing [apart from God], then nothing will trouble you.” I see what he means. I believe that’s why I am getting a clearer picture that the joy of the Heaven that awaits us is centered on a Person, not on a series of wonders and a bevy of joys…though, comfortingly, those too await.


I hope this encourages you today.

Kevin Murray
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