It’s not uncommon to hear these days, “I wouldn’t want to bring kids into this crazy world.”

I’m tempted to agree. After all, it’s such an immoral, uncertain, fill in the blank, place. But I don’t agree.

This crazy world is nothing new. The reality is that every generation since Adam and Eve has had to make a decision to have children in the face of a fallen world. It is also worth noting that God created Adam and Eve even though He had foreknowledge that they would sin, and that death and pain and loss would take the stage. As we now know, God had a bigger, redemptive plan in mind: His Son was to make a way so that all who so desire could live with Him in Paradise for eternity.

All that to say, it’s true, not everyone should have kids. But to choose NOT to have them because this world is a mess is surely missing the point.

For contrary to popular opinion, life on earth ultimately isn’t about the temporal ride, but the opportunity to choose one’s eternal destination. That’s what makes life worth living.

Kevin Murray
© 1/23/17 All rights reserved