There’s an expression I once heard—or maybe I made it up, I can’t recall—that goes: Resolutions are made to be broken because they rely on me. Prayers are made to be answered because they rely on God. 

I suppose I’ve broken most New Years’ resolutions I ever made for one simple reason. My fickle will is why. I can wish for a change—say to finally become consistent at spending intimate prayer time with God—but do I want it enough to be willing to follow it through more than a few times here and there? So far, time tells that I don’t. No one who makes a New Years’ resolution to get back in physical shape thinks going for a run or to the gym a few scattered times throughout the year will get the job done. So what makes me think I can develop deeper prayer intimacy with God by spending only a few scattered moments with Him? 

Which brings me back to my aforementioned fickle will and the reason behind a decision I made this past New Years’ not to wish or resolve to do anything in my own strength. Instead, at the stroke of midnight, I prayed to God that, from out of where His Spirit meets mine (1 Cor 6:17), He would change me supernaturally—instantly or incrementally; I’m not picky—until intimacy with Him becomes my greatest new habit. This was followed closely by the petition for the daily habit of letting Him take over the management of all parts of my life; including, I did fervently pray, getting me back into shape.

I hope this encourages you to rely on God to manage your life this year.

Kevin Murray

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