The times I’ve talked with a dog owner and happened to ask about their dog, “Is that a boy or a girl?” I’ve never heard the reply, “Well, they haven’t decided yet.” Other things I’ve never heard from dog owners about their dogs are, “He’s a Libra” or “I think he’s left-handed.” But those aren’t our topics today. This is:

Over the past several decades, an all-out assault on the Biblical definition of the sexes has grown more bold. The latest anti-God baloney is this idea that one can choose their own gender. Gender identification is the euphemism being pushed, and it means you get to decide which sex you really are depending on how you feel (meaning, whichever way the wind blows, I suppose) and irrespective of so-called traditional norms on the subject—you know, incidental norms such as observable body parts! Other previously accepted norms apparently no longer of concern are: chromosomal differences (remember from science class, XY for boys, XX for girls?); common sense observational prowess (“Well, look at that! He’s a baby boy!”); and the patent truths of the Bible (as in, God made them male and female, not male or female [Mark 10:6] ). In essence, whatever you decide you are is what you are, so says unhinged modern man. And reality, if I may be so controversial as to propose such a thing, is straightaway dismissed by deluded group-thinkers.

So far, thank I, this sad affair hasn’t led to rampant proclamations of being, say, a vegetable (“I’m broccoli, king of the vegetables!”), or a tree (“Well, I’m a Weeping Willow, stuck, for better or worse, by the side of my significant other—a babbling brook.”). Which makes me wonder, if trees could talk, do you suppose some would proclaim they were people? Would you believe them? If you answered “yes” to either question, thank you for your time. You will get nothing else from this article. Otherwise, please continue to the rousing finish.

The Bible doesn’t equivocate. You and I are the genders God made us to be, not what we choose to be. Consequently, pretending gender amnesia is not going to be a winning option. For when anyone rejects these truths and tries to stake their own gender claim, they really reject God Himself, all but closing their eyes and covering their ears while repeating, “La-la-la-la, I see nothing, I hear nothing, and I don’t care.’’ Which translated in wayward-heart terms means: “I am the king—or queen if you wish—of this castle, and I’ll do as I please.” 

So then, what to do about this latest attempt to dismiss God by repositioning the lines of His morality? I believe it is this: Persevere in proclaiming truth in love, pray earnestly for eyes to open, and rest in the knowledge that someday these misguided souls wil come face to face with the reality they’ve chosen to ignore. 

I hope this encourages you to hold fast to truth today.

Kevin Murray

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