I’m being generous, but perhaps this will be on my tombstone:


Many talk about the dash between the dates being the most important part. It is the story of a man’s life, they say, and it is to be measured by the noteworthy achievements, or the obstacles overcome, or even by the smiles it produced. By any measure, the message is clear: Live while you can; that’s what counts. But the Christian knows that can never be enough to satisfy the soul. For the most important dash, the one that portends the real measure of a life, is missing from the story.

From now on, let there be another dash, a long one, placed after the last number is etched, and let it not end until there is no more stone in which to carve.

10/18/60-12/12/52–––––. Then we can tell the curious-minded, or rather the curious-hearted, why it is there.

I hope this encourages you to look forward to eternity with Jesus today and to share the hope within you while you are here.

Kevin Murray

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