Contrary to increasingly popular rumor, and as many of the founding fathers of science knew (see Galileo, Newton, et al.), the reading and application of the Bible in its proper context doesn’t repel science; it propels it…

I was taught a bunch of evolutionary nonsense in 7th grade science class. The essence of it was, if I didn’t believe in their god-is-mindless-matter materialism, at the very least I should accept that my God created me through the “proven” process of evolution. “This is the elegant solution,” they said. “We promise.” I bought it then, but came to my senses later.

Now decades have passed and unfortunately the same nonsense, or should I say, one of the ever-changing iterations of the nonsense, is increasingly disseminated in public and media outlets across America. And it travels about under the groupthink protection of settled science and beyond debate for the true thinking man. Beyond debate? How convenient, and more than a bit irksome. Oh well, probably just as well since one can only embarrass himself in a debate with a true thinking man. 

I’ll just offer my two cents’ worth instead: 

Obviously many (not all) of those spreading the so-called science have never met my Creator. For Genesis, chapter one, when read in context, does not allow for mudfish-to-man evolution. However, It does make room for, say, different breeds of dogs. Still, a dog will never evolve into a horse or anything else not dog-like. Wait as long as you want—a billion, 10 billion, 100 billion years (there’s a number for you)—and see for yourself; it still won’t be long enough. Nor does bona fide observational science allow for dinosaurs to sprout wings and begin living in bluebird houses. They were out of ideas on that one. For that matter, as far as I can tell, dinosaurs, or at least dinosaur-ish creatures, are still here. Doesn’t a pachyderm such as a rhino or an elephant seem like a better descendant candidate than a bird? But I digress. Where was I?—I’m too dim to keep track—Ah yes, to conclude: One creature kind—and here I use the word “kind,” not “species,” because the Bible makes that important distinction too—will never evolve into a different creature kind; it will only exhibit its innate, or potential, variations over time. (Think changing finch beaks, as noted in Darwin’s observations, which are an example in science of observable micro-evolutionary speciation, not of macro-evolution which one can only theorize about.) And it is these variations which the God of our universe had in mind when He made us and all the rest of creation out of nothing more than a puff of air from His mouth. God willed. God spoke. And it was so. 

Anyway, for my two cents, that’s how it happened, and all those ever-changing theories to the contrary won’t ever change a thing.

I hope this encourages you to put your trust in the Word of God today.

(Interested in learning more of the science behind the claims of this article? Consider reading the excellent and accessible, Of Pandas and People by Percival Davis and Dean Kenyon. If not a reader, watch Is Genesis History? on DVD.)

Kevin Murray

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