There’s an old anecdote about a college student who wrote home, “Dear Dad, No mun. No fun. Your son”; to which his father replied, “Dear Son, Too bad. So sad. Your Dad.” Not likely true, but with very few words, it does make its point.

That brings to mind an even more economical use of words. The story goes that Ernest Hemingway once won a bet with his buddies by claiming he could write a novel in six words, on the spot. They took him up on it. He thought for a few moments, and penned the following poignant tale: “Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.” His friends promptly settled the bet. They all agreed that, although it was quite short, it was brilliant, and held all the elements of an epic tragedy–compelling backdrop, sympathetic protagonist, and affecting adversity.

And while we’re on the subject of brevity, perhaps you’ve heard this humorous, and ultimately accurate, “Reader’s Digest” version of the Bible: “I’m God, and you’re not.”
Sort of cuts to the chase, doesn’t it?

I hope this encourages you today.

-Kevin Murray
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