Our country is in trouble. No two ways about it. Morality is in decline, self-absorption is on the rise, and the precepts of the Bible are being redefined or ignored altogether. It’s easy to become discouraged. But in so doing, we show that we are listening to the fading world, instead of the Almighty God who superintends everything that transpires. Granted, the enemy of our God wants nothing more than to continue to tear apart the moral fiber upon which this country was built. None of us know if he will succeed. But one thing is certain, such moral contagions as broken families, abortion, erosion of childhood innocence, and a trampled Constitution are not the problems. These are merely the symptoms. The problem is, and has been, that men and women are turning from God, the very one and only who can halt our demise.

On the surface, this situation seems dire, frightening even. But to those who answer to, and love, our God, we have no need to fear. The worldly ruination that the enemy intends only gives the appearance of advancing. Don’t get me wrong, we may indeed lose the battle. But hold fast, we won’t lose the war. In fact, it’s already won. For He who had the first word when He spoke Creation into being, shall also have the last: “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” (Revelation 1:8) Catch that? He’s coming! And He’s mighty! 

As that glorious day draws near, we can take great comfort in the undoubtedly accurate appraisal shared by Garrison Keillor, the well-known author, humorist, and host of the radio show, A Prairie Home Companion: “When the country goes temporarily to the dogs, cats must learn to be circumspect, walk on fences, sleep in trees, and have faith that all this woofing is not the last word.” To which our souls cry out, “Amen, Garrison. Amen.”

I hope this encourages you to be steadfast today.

-Kevin Murray
© 10/14/2013 All rights reserved