Can we talk about Jesus more and not so much about the election?

Don’t get me wrong, talking about politics in this republic of ours is important, vital even.

We need to do it plenty to make sure we get it right.

But it never should take precedent over talking about our favorite subject—God. 

So, can we talk more about the Christ, born over two thousand years ago in order to live a sinless life? 

Can we talk more about the Savior who died on a cross as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world? 

Can we talk more about the Lord who walked out of the grave to live for us? 

Can we talk more about the Holy Spirit who lives within those who have accepted Jesus as Savior? 

Can we talk more about the love that God puts in our heart so we can love Him back and love others well? 

Can we talk more about how we will be in Paradise with Him for eternity? 

Can we live a life that makes others want to know Jesus more, too? 

I believe that’s what God is calling us to do. 

I hope this encourages you today.

Merry Christmas!


Kevin Murray
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