“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways” (Ps 119:37).

Do you suppose there will be television in Heaven? Doesn’t seem like it. 

Could watching TV for hours on end be a silent protest against God? I ask because I do this more than I should. I could blame boredom. But it’s really more about trying to find ways to get through this life minimally unscathed, to keep myself sufficiently distracted from the pesky realities around me—you know, little God-given realities like living life, facing death, and working on this whole relationship thing; otherwise known as the reason we’re all here. But, apparently, none of that is worth more of my time. That, or I’m depressed, lonely, anxious, too superficially entertained…take your pick. Or maybe I have all the reasons wrong. One thing is clear, something is pulling me to that television. 

Now, to be clear, I am aware that not all TV programming falls under the category of worthless. Some of it is edifying and offers a nice respite from a tough day. And a smidgeon of it is even wholesomely entertaining—college football comes to my mind; to yours, maybe a home and garden show or some such. Well, to each his own, as the saying goes. Which is why I am not about to point out specific shows that should be on everyone’s “Don’t Watch” list—those shows that seem clear to me to be filled with immoral or detrimental content. Instead, on this fine Saturday afternoon, what I am going to do is something within my sphere of control—turn off the blasted TV and get mine stationary bones up! (It’s distracting my writing anyway.)

Then I’m going out into the world to allow God to replace these couch-potato proclivities within me with a kid’s wonder for the boundlessness of real life around me. Out where I can experience more of His heart through the relationships I forge with others. Out where He’s more likely to spark in me the creative impulse to make or do something that has the potential to impact for good the eternal realm in which I am destined to live. Up and out, then! And only if He deems it worthwhile and prompts me accordingly will I return back at some later time to the TV. For if I haven’t made it clear by now, it is the desire of my heart—if not yet fully my will—to keep said viewing in its proper place, as a tool of healthy recreation and instruction, and not a ball and chain anymore.

And if I can’t resist the urge to come back sooner than He prompts, then what? Well, it won’t be the end of the world, I know that much. But I think I would have to conclude that I’ve returned to my silent protest.

I hope this encourages you to use your time wisely today.

Kevin Murray

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