As I sat down just now, I thought I wanted to write a different, more theological article.

However, my heart wasn’t in it. It just wouldn’t flow. Instead, the following sequence of thoughts came to mind: I seem so ill-equipped for this task. I wish I were more biblically astute like so many people in ministry I’ve encountered, or at the very least that I was better at retaining what I’ve studied in my Bible over the years. Shouldn’t I know more theology by now? Have memorized more verses?

After a few minutes more of my defeatist introspection, gratefully, I gave way to a healthier evaluation: Hold on there! Sharing the message of God’s great love for us requires no theology degrees or even a very good memory. It only requires a surrendered heart and the recognition that that’s what we’re all here to do (Mk 16:15).

That’s what I really wanted to write about.

I hope this encourages you to fulfill your God-given purpose today.

Kevin Murray
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