Encourage to Faith Ministries

2013 Year End Update

To All,

“I pray You, show me your glory.” These are the plaintive words of Moses in Exodus 33:18. These words have also been my prayer in 2013, and God has wonderfully shown His glory in so many ways.

This past year for Encourage to Faith Ministries (E2F) was a full one. Much of my time was spent reaching out to others through personal, one-on-one meetings; serving as a workplace chaplain; co-leading a men’s retreat for a local church; facilitating “faith at work” group meetings; writing the E2F blog to encourage private reflection; and praying daily for all involved.

The problems I continue to hear through my interactions with others cover a broad spectrum: everything from people feeling far from God, battling failing health, and grappling with relationship concerns, to matters concerning worry, fear and depression. People are struggling and their needs are great.

However, through it all, God continues to show His faithfulness and His glory! I’ve witnessed people accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, walked with men and women learning to quiet the noise and hear God, and journeyed with many who found peace and a clear purpose, making commitments to be better husbands, fathers, and stewards, and gaining clarity in regard to both business and personal decisions.

As I reflect on the past year, there are many instances of witnessing God at work. Among the highlights:

  • Being present for the culmination of the many influences of the body of Christ in the life of a young man who accepted Christ … after 84 years! What a blessing that was!
  • A solid, middle-aged man who asked me to disciple him in earnest. His desire is to grow in all aspects of his relationship with God. Consistent meetings with depth and breadth have begun. He is “all in.” This is a great encouragement to me as this man has a good mind, good heart, and is a present and future leader of men.
  • I was honored to co-lead the Hamilton Mill UMC Men’s retreat at Simpsonwood. It was a great time where we all grew closer to God and each other, and left with a renewed commitment to blaze a trail of faith in the coming year.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry through your prayers. I feel every one of them. My heart’s desire in the coming year is to continue to be available to serve you, and to reach out to everyone God chooses to put in my path.

I expectantly look forward to serving you in 2014 and seeing the amazing things our God will be doing in and through each of your lives.

Grace and peace to you all.


-Kevin Murray
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