Sponsorships Available

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, there are currently sponsorships available for those who need financial assistance.

About the sponsorship

The most important part of a Christian’s life is to learn to walk more closely with God. Encourage to Faith’s Men’s Mentorship was created to help men transform into all that God has called them to be as husbands, fathers, productive citizens of their communities, and foremost, to be the ambassadors for Christ that God calls them to be. More than ever, in these trying times, we need our Christian men to step up and, well, be men. Men for Christ. The mentorship was created to show these men how to do this, and we don’t want there to be any barriers to that good purpose.

With that in mind, if utilizing a sponsorship makes it possible for you to go through this mentorship program, by all means, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Sponsorships make this mentorship program available to those in need.

We would be appreciative if you would please give a prayer of gratitude for those who have generously made sponsorship a possibility. Thank you.

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