The Commitment:
Your Journal Entries

At any point throughout the program, you are welcome to download your journal entries to your computer. We encourage doing this regularly in order to back up your notes and give yourself access to them even when you are not within the program.

Visiting Your Journal

You may access your journal at any point throughout your participation in the program. If you are logged into the program, simply visit the main course page to view your journal. You must be logged into the program in order to access your journal.

Downloading Your Journal on Windows

Simply visit your journal, select the entry you would like to download, and select “Download.” It will be saved to your computer as a Word Document.

Downloading Your Journal on a Mac

If you own a Mac computer without Microsoft Office, you may download and save your journal entries as PDFs. Simply select the “Print” option for the entry you would like to save. Once the print window appears, select “Save as PDF” from the “Destination” drop-down menu. The journal entry will be saved onto your computer as a PDF.