I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Kevin Murray while he was in the real estate business. While very successful, it was evident to me that God had been preparing him for a higher calling in men’s ministry. Kevin has a great heart for the challenges men face in how we minister to our families, in the workplace and in our communities. I attended a monthly accountability group with him and several other Christian men. I always took one or two “spiritual gold nuggets” with me from that meeting that were helpful to me in my walk with Christ. I think you will too!

  • Bill McDermott
  • McDermott Financial Solutions

Bill McDermott


I think we all come to crossroads or periods of transition in our life. My walk with God had reached a point of flatness and had reached a burdening feeling for service when I was introduced to Kevin. I thought I had an inclination of where God was taking me next but through meeting with Kevin on a routine basis, my complete thought process was transformed to a different place. Kevin is such a good steward of the word and keeps a consistent ear and approach that is open to the voice God. I am so thankful that God has put Kevin and his ministry in my life. Meeting with him regularly has brought a fresh perspective that has taken my relationship with God to a completely new and heightened place.

  • Clint Thompson
  • Owner
  • C. Thompson and Associates, Inc.

Clint Thompson

Kevin Murray has the ability to listen well and provide wisdom that is founded and practical. More than that, I always know that Kevin is for me and I can say that about few people.

  • Jeremie Kubicek
  • Founder
  • Giant Impact

Jeremie Kubicek

While there are plenty of men who desperately need to hear God’s word, I believe the real key is that people need a mentor who can teach them how to apply His Word to life’s decisions. Kevin’s life experiences, and his background in conducting his business as ministry, are powerful qualifiers for ministering to others in the marketplace.

  • Jim Martin
  • Partner
  • JETT Business Technology

Jim Martin

I’ve known Kevin since 2007. I’ve worked with him professionally and we’ve become friends. He is a scholar – a true student of Christianity – and a mentor. I’ve enjoyed my many conversations with Kevin. I leave those conversations feeling better and more confident about my own journey with Christ. I am happy to recommend Kevin and his endeavors at Encourage to Faith Ministries.

  • Matt Hyatt
  • President and Enthusiast
  • Rocket IT

Matt Hyatt


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