Thankful, My Soul

Today, fellow beloved, I can say this much: Life is curious. It is as much a struggle as it is beautiful. It is also charming, joyful, playful, and robust. It is full, is it not? And through it all, we are here in the demands of the present yet living for eternity; here withstanding the onslaught of our heartaches, yet still able to celebrate the sacred carnivals in our midst.…

How Matters Really Stand

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “My feeling about people in whose conversion I have been allowed to play a part is always mixed with awe and even fear: such as a boy might feel on first being allowed to fire a rifle. The disproportion between his puny finger on the trigger and the thunder and lightening which follow is alarming. And the seriousness with which the other party takes my words…

God is in the silence

God is in the Silence

I’m excited to be writing my second book! I’ll be able to share more soon. But for now, in order to have time to complete the task, I will be dialing back my blogging frequency to once a month instead of every week. Even so, I will still continue to be available to serve you through encouragement, prayer, and—as always—to help point you to God.